Blue Jug II

David Reid

blue jug II small

Sometimes it is a good idea to recreate a painting to discover why something works or doesn’t work. At the risk of copying the last still life too closely, I have painted the blue jug with the same flowers in a slightly different arrangement. I found that no matter how hard I tried not to use the other as a template, I referred to it time and again. This kept the colours and marks very similar.

There are rules I like to casually stick to which help me to control the painting till the end. It is perhaps a bit calculating but each style must have a semblance of order and attachment to its own guidelines, written or imagined. Think Cubism or Constructivism or any “ism” that has guiding principles to adhere to. I suppose my ism here is “commercial impressionism”  .

So my rules are ; use a palette knife…

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