Three things for today

The First Slice

First of all, the cherry blossoms in DC are awesome this year. Go visit if you can, but be prepared for an utter crush of bodies. Put money on your Metro card! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

And don’t be that jerk who picks flowers off the trees.

Second: suddenly it seems like there’s an explosion of anime I need to watch! This is great, because I was in the middle of quite a dry patch.

  • Mushishi, one of my all-time favorite series, got a second season and it is turning out as wonderful as the first. The second episode, The Warbling Shell, had me ugly crying. And gosh, the new opening is lovely. The song is “Shiver” by Lucy Rose.
  • Kindaichi Case Files is getting another anime. This means nothing to non-fans of murder mystery anime, but I have fond memories of campy murder cases in which…

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