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Almost garish

Ferns & Falls


Nurret Photography


Some quick drive-by shooting after a visit at the dentist 🙂


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Fall Bridge

Autumn Evergreen

Natures Parade

Early Autumn on Watauga Lake Early Autumn on Watauga Lake

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ARTIST-O’-THE-DAY: Jacek Yerka



There’s no one better, I suppose, than for the artist to talk about themselves instead of a secondhand source. Although, we do everything we can, and I do mean EVERYTHING we can to avoid talking about ourselves. I am not ashamed to say that I am guilty of this. My usual tactic is to turn the convo back onto the “friendly” individual who I was chatting with who suddenly but not unexpectedly turns into a Spanish Inquisition interrogator. 9 times out of 10 it works, but then there’s that one annoying, tenacious person who persists in delving into that quirky, cluttered subconscious pit that I call my brain. When it comes to that, let’s just say it DOES NOT end well. Think: spastic eye movements, avoiding my gaze at ALL costs, a series of uncomfortable looks when our gazes do, in fact, randomly meet and eventually awkward shifting from one foot to other before one of us decides to leave to avoid

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Finished Painting: Lupines in Bella Coola

how I paint

This is a painting I did several years ago after a trip to Bella Coola, north of where I grew up on the coast of British Columbia:


Bella Coola Lupines, 16″x 20″ acrylic on canvas, copyright © Kathryn Beals

This is one of those paintings that just came together quickly without any planning.  I painted it on my mom’s kitchen table with her paints and brushes and a borrowed canvas, and it took about 45 minutes.  If I were painting it again, I might have planned the composition a little better so that the end of the tallest flower had more contrast against the sky or mountains, but I like the unstructured quality of it and it’s a nice memory.

Here are two photos from the place we visited:

IMG_0624  IMG_0622

You can find this painting in my Etsy shop as a digital print or canvas print.  The original painting is not for sale.

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Lost in Translation

Few things are so exciting to see and capture as a rainbow, especially a double rainbow 😉 I captured this one during my holiday in Slovakian mountains Tatras.

I hope you will enjoy this remix too


Let’s see other entries to Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

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Field Scene